I am a writer and community college instructor in Seattle.

Selected Publications

Give Me Something Otherworldly to Believe In.” Epiphany (September 2021). Online.

Dangerous Soup.” Heavy Feather Review (December 2020). Online.

The Rock-afire Explosion at Pat’s Pizzazz Parlor.” Vol. 1 Brooklyn (January 2020). Online.

We Could Be Anyone.” X-R-A-Y Literary Magazine (January 2020). Online.

Candy Mouths Are Made of Wax.” Paper Darts (August 2019). Online.

Doing Things the Way We’re Supposed to Ensures a Self-Actualized Life.” Jellyfish Review (October 2019). Online.

My Mother Has Lived in a Houseboat, a Lighthouse, and a Fire Station.” Pidgeonholes (June 2019). Online. Nominated for The Best Small Fictions, 2020.

A Survivalist Prepares for the End of the World” and “Depersonification.” Shirley (December 2017). Online.

“How to Be a Vigorous and Hearty Individual Who Is Full of Life.” Fairy Tale Review (2017). Print.

Sea Shanties.” Vending Machine Press (August 2017). Online.

Backscratchers.” Necessary Fiction (April 2016). Online.

Hansen’s Superior Brand Turkey Giveaway at Desoto’s Grab and Save, December 1955.” Entropy (January 2016). Online.

My Last Splurge.” Qu: A Contemporary Literary Magazine (Spring 2016). Print.

“Fake Advice for Real Adults.” Maudlin House (November 2015). Online.